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Random Facts

My brain is full of useless information that is sometimes actually interesting to others. However, relating some of these facts during a party makes me a total bore (read know-it-all). I am NOT a know-it-all, and really don’t want to be accused of that, so I keep this stuff to myself. Well, not entirely.

Be prepared to be inundated with totally interesting but useless information that will make you, too, a know-it-all at parties.

Dance Music Can Discourage Mosquitos From Biting You

Photo by Syed Ali on Unsplash

According to Acta Topica, The electronic song “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” by Skrillrex will inhibit sexual activity preventing the dengue vector Aedes aegypti from mating by disrupting the normal low frequency sounds they associate with mating. Good news, that! Turn it up!

Those Metal Studs on Your Jeans Actually Have a Name AND Serve A Purpose

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Check out your favorite jeans and you will see those cute metal rivets (their actual name). According to Levi Strauss & Co these rivets add extra support to the fabric and help prevent the pockets from ripping. In 1873, Levi Strauss & Co. and Jacob Davis received U.S. Patent No. 139,121 for Improvement in Fastening Pocket-Openings. Thank you, guys! Well done.

The Collective Noun for Geese is Gaggle

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Everyone knows the collective noun for a group of geese is a gaggle. Did you know that a group of hippos is “Bloat?” Also, a group of penguins is a “tuxedo,” a group of bats is a “cauldron,” and a group of owls is a “parliament.” Do you know what doesn’t have a collective noun? Octopuses.

Last and certainly least:

A “Jiffy” is About One Trillionth of a Second

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According to, in the late 18th or early 19th centuries, scientist Gilbert Newton Lewis defined a jiffy as the amount of time it takes light to travel one centimeter in a vacuum, about 33.4 picoseconds. That’s one trillionth of a second. Quite the jiffy.

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Writing Music List

Music is a big part of my life. I have theme music for ust about every activity. The play lists on my phone include:

Photo by weston m on Unsplash
  • Writing
  • Dancing
  • Housework
  • Driving
  • Playtime
  • Cruising

Plus playlist of specific artists such as:

  • David Arkenstone
  • Paul Hardcastle
  • Tears for Fears
  • BTS
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Hiroshima
  • Miracle of Sound
  • Pentatonix

Obviously, I have very eclectic taste in music. I will listen to any genre as long as the singers are good and the melody moves me in some way.

My Writing Music playlist gets a lot of use. I find inspiration in listening to:

  • Star Trek OST (The reboot version)
  • David Arkenstone — Atlantis
  • George Winston — Summer
  • Down to the Bone — Supercharged Album
  • Ian Anderson — Divinities
  • Paul Hardcastle — The Chill Lounge
  • The Rippingtons — Taos Album
  • Taliesin Orchestra — Forbidden Forest
  • The Space Orchestra
  • David Arkenstone — Songs Inspired by Middle Earth

This play list could give you something new to write to if you are looking for inspiration in Music.

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My Life in a List

I make a lot of lists. I make lists to tell me where my lists are.

  • To-do lists
  • Password lists
  • Grocery lists
  • Things I want to buy other than groceries

The list goes on and on. (See what I did there?)

Photo by WanderLabs on Unsplash

This list is an update of my list so far. I do this about once a year and then re-read it later. Here goes:

  • I am now fully retired and not working for the man any longer. Just me and my retirement, plus income from 2 room-mates.
  • There is no way I am going to sell my house and move to parts-unknown because I could make a profit. It would not be enough for me to live out the rest of my life, so I will stay in my humble home and get my mortgage paid down and then live here for just the cost of insurance and taxes.
  • I sold my car and have found that to be liberating in the extreme. I am without a car payment, car insurance payments, maintenance costs. I can have my groceries delivers and Amazon is my favorite place to shop. If I have to leave my house, I have options: Friends or Uber.
  • My brother who lived with me for the better part of 12 years died 2 years ago, just after the COVID-19 lockdown. But, I have two roommates now and we three get on famously. They are 2 ladies who are near to my age and we share history and philosophy.
  • I have a good friend who mows my grass and takes care of any household maintenance issue that crop up.
  • I have fallen in love with K-Dramas and K-Pop music. Who knew that would happen at my age. But, realistically, the BTS boys– Bangtan Sonyeondan — can SING. They are also known as the Bangtan Boys or Bangtan Boyscouts.
  • Before I make any list, THIS:
Photo by Rahul Bhogal on Unsplash
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Drunk Call

I admit that I am getting older and am beyond retirement age. Further, most of my friends are also getting older and beyond retirement age.

It has been a very long time since I was drunk called by anyone in the middle of the night. At 8:00 PM last evening my phone rang. Just as a side note, when you are my age, 8:00 PM is the middle of the night. My neighbor who is a 76 year old spinster called me, drunk as a lord, and the conversation went something like this…

Neighbor: I haven’t heard from you in a while. Are you still above the dirt?

Me: Obviously, since I answered the phone. I waved at you two days ago when you were dragging dog food out of your car plus, a rescue vehicle hasn’t shown up at my front door recently. Figure it out.

Neighbor: That was you? I couldn’t figure out who was waving at me from your front porch.

Me: Who else would it have been? Are you drunk?

Neighbor: Well, this is only my second bottle of wine.

Me: That’s what I thought, although I mentally underestimated the amount of wine you have actually consumed. What’s on your mind?

Neighbor: I just called to tell you I am going out of town for a few days.

Me: I’m not watching your dogs!

Neighbor: That’s harsh.

Me: I have told you before, I am not watching your dogs. Its not that I think your dogs are bad or anything, but they smell like dogs. I don’t like dogs. Anybody’s dogs. Not just yours.

Neighbor: I found someone to watch my dogs. If you see a thirty year old blond woman going in and out of my house, she is the one who is watching the dogs. Oh, I am selling my house.

Me: Really?

Neighbor: Yeah. Our neighbor just sold hers and got nearly $300,000 for her tiny place. I figure I can get at least that much for mine. I have the best looking yard in the neighborhood.

Me: You have been saying you are going sell and move for the past 8 years that I know of.

Neighbor: I mean it, this time. I’ll miss talking to you.

Me: I am still not watching your dogs.

Neighbor: Dammit.

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Another Blog List

Lists are supposed to be popular on blogs. I read somewhere that if you can’t think of anything to write and nothing funny is going on in your life, to make a list and everyone on Earth and a couple of planets in a galaxy far, far away will read your stuff.

So, here is my list of stuff I know about men.

  1. They are very knowledgeable about porn, cars and sports equipment.
  2. I know this because they helped me shop for some… sports equipment and cars, that is. When I was younger and into more sporty things than I am now and was trying to get the really hot sporty jock kind of guy to notice me.
  3. The jocks never talk to nerdy chicks
  4. Or ask them out on dates, regardless of how much sports equipment nerdy chicks ask advice on.
  5. They can’t cook.
  6. I know this because I did all the cooking.
  7. They’re very smart.
  8. I know this because I did all the cooking.
  9. And the cleaning.
  10. They can identify a Maserati just from the sound of the engine.
  11. They want a Maserati, but the guys I know cannot afford one.