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Another Blog List

Lists are supposed to be popular on blogs. I read somewhere that if you can’t think of anything to write and nothing funny is going on in your life, to make a list and everyone on Earth and a couple of planets in a galaxy far, far away will read your stuff.

So, here is my list of stuff I know about men.

  1. They are very knowledgeable about porn, cars and sports equipment.
  2. I know this because they helped me shop for some… sports equipment and cars, that is. When I was younger and into more sporty things than I am now and was trying to get the really hot sporty jock kind of guy to notice me.
  3. The jocks never talk to nerdy chicks
  4. Or ask them out on dates, regardless of how much sports equipment nerdy chicks ask advice on.
  5. They can’t cook.
  6. I know this because I did all the cooking.
  7. They’re very smart.
  8. I know this because I did all the cooking.
  9. And the cleaning.
  10. They can identify a Maserati just from the sound of the engine.
  11. They want a Maserati, but the guys I know cannot afford one.

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