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Brilliant Idea

I was watching a documentary called Little House in the Forest on Rakuten Viki about living a simpler life.  It was actually an experiment where the producers sent an individual to live in a tiny house in the middle of a forest somewhere in Korea.  

The experiment was to see if the people were happier when they unplug from the city.  They were not connected to the electrical grid, city water or city sewage.  They had firewood for the wood burning stove and solar panel for minimal electricity.  They had an outhouse.  They were permitted to bring their own food and clothing–enough for 3 days.

The experiment involved So Ji Sub, the guy from the Korean Romantic Comedy Oh My Venus and Park Shin Hye the girl from the Romantic Korean Comedy While You Were Sleeping.

During the first episode, they mentioned a trend in Korea where people strive for minimalism.  The narrator said that most people owned 8,000 to 10,000 things and only used 2,000 regularly.  So, in Korea, people would challenge themselves to throw away 1 thing a day for 30 days and then post a picture of the discarded item on social media.

I think I will try this, however, instead of posting on social, I will post photos of the discarded items on this blog. So many things to choose from!

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