Savage Workout


It seems like it never ends… this constant whipping of the body into shape.  I have done the entire gamut of diets, lifestyle changes, weight loss herbs and more diets.  Seems like every week, someone else invents a new “absolutely guaranteed to work” diet.

Enough, already!

Truth is, we live in a society that is over-nourished (at least here in America) and we are hounded by advertisements that tell us “we deserve a break, today,” so buy ultra tasty, ultra fattening fast food.  And then they ask us if we want to super-size it and add extra cheese.

Ads convince us that eating pizza and tacos are the way to go.  Now, don’t misunderstand me because I’m not preaching here.  I LOVE tacos and I have Pizza Hut on speed dial.

The ads make things too tempting to resist. So, I eliminated cable so I can’t see the ads on TV, moved all my junk mail to the trash, immediately, and deleted Pizza Hut from my phone.

A couple of months ago, I found a workout online that is aimed directly at me and my demographic–namely a grey-haired woman who is rapidly approaching old age and who has always hated any kind of physical activity.  Even as far back as High School, I hated PE (Physical Education) preferring to read a good book or even a bad one.  I was always the last to be picked in team sports. When I was the only one left to be chosen, the team captains would look around and then ask the PE teacher if they could pick the lunch room lady instead.  I was as distressed as they when she said no.


I found a workout that consisted of sitting in a chair, mostly.  I thought, “I can do that.  I sit all the time.”  I even stuck with it for a month or so.  Then Deron, a guy who is cute in that he-looks-just-like-my-grandson kind of way, started making the workouts more and more difficult.  From a chair.  FROM. A. CHAIR.

I find myself yelling at the cute blonde boy (who is probably in his early 30s,)  “Deron, does your mother know how badly you treat old ladies?”  or “You utter, utter savage! I couldn’t do that when I was twenty.  What makes you think I can do this at my age?  I’ll break a hip.”

Then, sunrise. I turn on the computer, just so I have an opportunity to yell at cute, blonde Deron.  Alarmingly, his workouts work.  I feel better, my jeans are falling off of me, and I can finally clip my own toenails, saving me a fortune in pedicures.

You toocan find Deron at Grow Young Fitness.