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Why I Didn’t Remarry

I was separated from my husband in 1987 and we divorced some 4 years later. I had a couple of failed romances after that and one day it occurred to me that I was much happier without being entangled in someone else’s life. The baggage I accumulated on my own was more than sufficient.

One romance failed because I was never able to figure out what made that totally closed-off man happy. I guessed wrong and we parted ways. I used to think if only he had opened his mouth and said what he wanted.

Photo by Yarden on Unsplash

Another failed because I again chose poorly and he was even more childish than my children. I didn’t want to raise a full-grown adult.

Time has taught me happiness is never the result of being with another person. One has to be happy on their own and not depend on another to make it so. Or at least that is the way it has worked out for me.

At my age, the thought of having to go through dating, courtship, marriage, and beyond is daunting and not the least bit appealing. After all, I have been on my own since 1987. Not a bad track record, actually.