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Feels Like Fall

Today, the weather is cool and breezy. I opened all of the windows in my house to let some fresh air in and ended up closing the one beside my desk because it was a little too chilly, even with my sweater on.

Just yesterday, the temperature was in the low nineties and today, the high will be in the upper sixties. Right now, at 10:00 a.m., it is just 60. I have spent the morning thinking of autumn things: freshly baked apple pie, leaves changing color, cool days, bright sunshine, sweaters, and boots.

When I lived in Florida, someone always said, “Sure we have autumn in Florida. It usually happens on a Thursday.” Virginia has real, honest-to-goodness autumn with fabulous weather, fall colors, falling leaves, and chilly winds. Autumn is the main reason I would never consider moving back to Florida.

A few of last year’s fall photos:

This year, I will get more photos.