Poetic Monday

I went to a website called The Wayback Machine which is an archive for old websites. I used to own a site where I posted things I had written wayback when. I will share many of the stories and poems here.

To Your Eyes

Karen Vertigan Pope

For A Long Forgotten Old Boyfriend… written on Wednesday Morning 2.10.99

Penned on an envelope while musing and found after three years while cleaning out an old filing cabinet which was stuffed with trash worthy papers.

Your eyes are things that capture and hold
And pull me closer to where you are 
Dark and lovelier still, they call out 
With an owl flight voice of such sweetness 
That bearing it is a bright burden 
What secrets do you conceal in the depths? 
Oh, beautiful eyes that you are. I behold life in your eyes 
A flower:  Yes, opening, glittering with dawn’s dew 
A melody:  Yes, touching the soul as only beauty can 
Sensual curves of creativity 
Speak to me in a new language 
Show to me an abstract landscape 
Sings in a voice of such purity 
That rising, it brings me nearer to 
Heaven than ever I have approached before 
And seeing them for the first time I did not know eyes could be so brown
Nobody, not even the song of the lark, has such soft eyes… 
O, beautiful eyes that you are!