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A Blast from the Past: Spiderman

I saved many cute tidbits of humor from when I was working at a Culinary Institute in Virginia. I found this one this morning. Enjoy



CW: A spider. A HUGE spider.

Me: I am not coming into your office for any reason until you get rid of your cheesy visitor.

CW: I need to use your phone so I can call a man.

Me: Who would that be?

CW: Pete is closet.

She makes the call and summons the man.

Pete: What’s up?

CW: A spider in my chair.

Pete: What? You hire a new employee?

CW: Very funny. Kill it.

Pete: He is hairy.

Me: It is confirmed. It IS my ex-husand.

Pete: So, do you mind if I kick his ass?

Me: Not at all.

A moment of silence, then:

CW: OHMYGOD! He squished it.

Pete: I thought that’s what you wanted.

CW: But, I have spider guts on my chair.

Pete: Well, get a paper towel and clean it off.

CW: No way! I am not touching that.

Pete leaves and returns with a paper towel.

Pete: Ok. Your chair is clean.

CW: Thank you.

Me: My hero! They will make a comic book series based on you.

Pete: They already did. It is called Spider Man.

Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

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