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Sonnet 1

Night Song–Sonnet 1

Previously published material.  Cannot be reproduced without written permission from the author.(c) copyright 1999 Karen Vertigan

As heaven puts on her evening gown of deepest blue, I think of you 
Anxious One that I have become when Helios rested from his charge
Do you hear my song slipping from me with all of my earthly feelings? 
It soars high as Aurora’s hem on sprouted wings of rhyme and verse
And flies whitely, in caressing circles, gently touching your smile
My heart, clothed in a timid shroud, begs for release from its bonds 
To touch the soul of the music pouring from your mystic fingers 
Do you know that my love is growing in my restricted chest 
Until the moment it is released with a burst of brilliant words 
That challenge Nyx’s dark dress of despair and loneliness? 
If you are the dreamer in this night, then I am what you dream 
But when you awaken from your slumber, I am your need 
And I grow in my love, stronger when you think on me 
A Nova of starshine that waits in the vast silence of the dome 
For the music of the first kiss…

Published in an anthology of poems titled Connections: Contemporary Verse From Around the World, Sharon Derderian and Robert Lawrence, Editors, Iliad Press, 1999.

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